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The Manitoba Quantum Institute

The Manitoba Quantum Institute (MQI) is a multidisciplinary Research Institute established in 2020 currently comprising of 21 research groups from all three major universities in Manitoba (University of Manitoba, University of Winnipeg, Brandon University).

While quantum mechanics has emerged as an accurate description of nature at the smallest scales already early in the 20th century, we have only recently started to being able to engineer systems where particles can be fully controlled at the quantum level. We are right now at the beginning of a quantum revolution which promises to disrupt many existing technologies. Among the new technologies whose development has already started are the quantum computer and data transfers using quantum encryption. Fabricating devices from novel quantum materials has, more generally speaking, the potential to revolutionize computing, telecommunication, and consumer electronics. Using novel quantum materials is, furthermore, also a promising path to improve energy harvesting and similar green technologies. From a manufacturing perspective such materials are interesting because they can often be produced in a more environmentally friendly way, e.g. without the use of heavy metals or hazardous chemicals.

The mission of the MQI is to be the Centre for Quantum Research in Manitoba and to be a nationwide actor in the nascent quantum revolution. In order to achieve this goal, the Institute will bring together researchers and their highly qualified personnel across disciplines and from all three major Manitoba Universities, foster collaborations with other quantum institutes in Canada and abroad, facilitate the training of students in quantum technologies, and organize conferences and workshops.

Director: Jesko Sirker
Co-Directors: Christopher Wiebe and Arkady Major

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